Cleaning Service

About Our Company

Transcend Limited is a dynamic and versatile organization that commenced operations in June 2005 at the home of its founder, Mr Wayne Samm. His vision, at that time, was to provide maintenance services at affordable prices. Today, the company has expanded into the provision of quality janitorial supplies, professional hygienic products and professional maintenance services which have put Transcend Limited above the rest. 


To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering unsurpassed services to Trinidad and Tobago without compromising the natural environment. As our name implies, we aim to set the standard for excellence and soar high above the competition.


    • Providing the highest quality of Janitorial / Maintenance services.
    • Providing on-time delivery and expertise to best suit our customer’s needs.
    • Providing a fair and equitable working environment for our employees.



We will continually strive to provide the highest level of quality service available through education, training, research and development in industry innovations and automation.

We will keep all business cleaning service personnel adequately supplied with quality products, protective clothing and the equipment needed to perform their duties.

We will implement the “Transcend Cleaning System”  for the greatest level of efficiency and energy conservation while providing minimal inconvenience to our customers. 

We will respond promptly to any concerns or special requests.

Our supervised crews are accountable for their work.