Zep Wet Look Floor Polish (128oz)



Give your floors a sophisticated look. ZEP Wet-Look Floor Polish is Step 3 of the 4-Step Pro Floor Maintenance System. Can be used as vinyl floor polish and is formulated to leave a long-lasting shine. This floor polish contains 19% solids and is designed to quickly dry into a high gloss. Formula works excellent as a concrete floor polish and provides a wet-look coating for noticeable sheen in any space. It is durable enough to resist slips, scuffs and heel marks. The high speed burnishing brings out a brilliant shine. • For use on interior floors, such as rubber, asphalt tile, vinyl composition, sealed concrete, terrazzo and no-wax vinyl • Not for use on wood, marble, granite, natural stone, painted or stained concrete, glazed ceramic tile and newer no-wax vinyl floors • Resistant to slips, scuffs, black heel marks and restores floors • Apply 4 thin coats in figure 8 motion with a rayon or microfiber mop • Dries in 30-minutes • Ideal for frequently buffed floors • Clear finish ensures lasting shine


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